Logic and Computation workshop:
Structures and Deduction 2009.

  • Michel Parigot ()
  • Lutz Strassburger ()

Course material: structures_deduction.pdf

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The topic of this workshop is the application of algebraic, geometric, and combinatorial methods in proof theory. In traditional proof theory, research is focussed on syntax, but in recent years many researchers have proposed approaches to avoid "syntactic bureaucracy" in the presentation of proofs. Examples are proof nets, atomic flows, new deductive systems based on deep inference, and new algebraic semantics for proofs. These efforts have also led to new methods of proof normalisation and new results in proof complexity.

Thus the workshop is relevant to a wide range of people. The list of topics includes among others: algebraic semantics of proofs, game semantics, proof nets, deep inference, tableaux systems, category theory, deduction modulo, cut elimination, complexity theory, computational interpretation of proofs, etc.

The goal of the workshop is twofold: first, to bring together researchers from various fields who share the interest in reducing the dependency of logic from low-level syntax, and second, to provide an opportunity for PhD students and researchers to present and discuss their work with colleagues who work in the broad subject areas that are represented at ESSLLI.

The workshop is intended to be a sequel of the ICALP-workshop SD05 in Lisbon 2005 .